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   Financial Planning is the process of strategizing to                     manage your income and expense. In simple terms, it is           taking conscientious and systematic steps toward                     achieving your financial independence and goals.

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Hamara Planner was established in 2009 – a brilliant and goal-oriented Financial Consulting firm. We offer a horizon of financial services to uplift your portfolio and confidence along with it. We help you achieve your financial goals by providing fine education and strong game-plan. Contact us now and be our next satisfied client!


Financial Planning

Knowing where you stand will tell you how                  far you can go.


Create a Diverse Portfolio

After knowing how far you can go, be smart                  & create diverse plans for security for that pathway.


Personal Wealth Management

Now, it is time to manage these diverse plans just          so you can assess right and grow constantly.

Customised Planning & execution

Create a strategy that works for you

We understand that your experiences have been different, however, you know that it is time to take control. And we know that we have it in us to support you through your decision and journey towards financial stability.


We have grown and we have expanded since 2009 with a team of expert finance specialists and their sense of determination. 


The commercial hub of the city and the spot for multi-exquisite delicacies and condiments – Broadway, Chennai.



We value you and your money, we value your time and your energy. That’s how we satisfy    our clients and bring them joy.


At Hamara, we like to start off every association with a spark. A spark of rapport, trust, and friendship.

Hamara’s values & philosophy

– Client-focused/tailored services                                    – Along with unparalleled ethics & integrity                    – Completely result-oriented driven by innovation

Our Services

“Sow good services; sweet remembrances will grow from them.”

Madame De Stael ~


Personal Comprehensive Financial Planning


Wealth Management


Financial Health Check Up


Tax Planning


Risk Management & Insurance Planning,

Peace of mind

Investor Education Programs

"My entire life was unplanned. There was a great financial illiteracy and he helped reorganize my life towards financial success. He set the path to break unhealthy patterns that set me back all my life."

Ms. Raj, Chennai


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